Leskovac and Bojnik municipality website design

Introducing our team’s latest project – the development of a website for the City of Leskovac and the Municipality of Bojnik as part of the EU PRO program, funded by the European Union and the Government of Serbia. The project aims to develop a regional Geographic Information System (GIS) to enhance the valorization and visibility of the tourism potential of these local governments.

With our team’s assistance, the City of Leskovac and the Municipality of Bojnik have had a unique opportunity to enhance their tourism potential and attract more visitors. Our agency has successfully executed the project, creating a functional and modern website that allows visitors to explore all the beauties of these local governments. Our team focused on design and functionality to ensure the website is user-friendly and accessible to all users.

This project is just one of many examples of successful collaboration between our agency, the European Union, and the Government of Serbia. We take pride in our role in this project and believe that the website will become an essential destination for all tourists visiting these local governments.


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